Hand dipped in true chocolate
Fresh Chocolate covered strawberries

Looking for chocolate covered strawberries delivered nationwide?
There are a lot of companies advertising them but not actually using chocolate.

For a company that uses real chocolate head over to

Not all companies that advertise chocolate covered strawberries actually use real chocolate. In order to be truly gourmet, chocolate covered strawberries should be true chocolate. Small amounts of true dark chocolate are sometimes said to have health benefits, we'll let the doctors and sensationalizing press make those health claims, we'll stick to it just tastes better.

Some people will start searching for "cheap" or "free" chocolate covered strawberries or delivery. Chocolate strawberries are very perishable, why would you want to give a strawberry that had spent several days cooking in the back of a truck? If they are cheap they are most likely made with fake chocolate, sometimes machine dipped, without leaves (not what their web sites show).